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I'm the one lurking in the shadows, camera poised, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting laughter, the spontaneous hugs, and the secret smiles that make life genuinely beautiful. My lens is like a detective's magnifying glass, uncovering the hidden gems of genuine emotion. I've traded staged poses for stolen glances, and I must admit, there's nothing quite as heartwarming as freezing those raw, unfiltered moments in time. It's not about capturing perfection; it's about embracing the perfectly imperfect, and that's where true magic lies. So, while others may follow the script, I'll be here, celebrating life's sweet, unscripted symphony, one candid click at a time.

My philosophy

I love the UNSCRIPTED moments, those little moments in between.

Haylee & Jakob

"We absolutely adore Malena! She's a very talented photographer and an even better person! Our engagement shoot was freezing but she got the best pictures in a matter of 30 minutes. Our wedding was also seamless thanks to her! She also isn't afraid to get down on the dance floor with you! I would recommend her to anyone!"

The sooner the better!

I book weddings a year in advance and sessions a couple months in advance. Don't wait till last minute to reach out given that during busy season I have very limited availability. I work on a first come first serve basis, but keep in mind no date is secured until a contract is signed and a non-refundable deposit is paid.

Please inquire on the contact page to start!

Once we have talked about all the fun little details, I will send a contract over to be signed. I require a 25% deposit for weddings and a 50% deposit for any other kind of session! Once that is signed and that is paid, we can start obsessing over planning the perfect session!

 I understand that vulnerability is part of the process, and that's precisely where the real beauty emerges. My goal isn't to capture perfect poses; it's to document your genuine connection, the laughter that escapes when you're being yourselves, and the way your eyes light up when you look at each other. So, don't fret about feeling awkward. Embrace it, because it's in those unguarded moments that we'll uncover the most authentic and captivating snapshots of your love story. Together, let's make your 'awkward' moments unforgettable.


In fact theres nothing I love more than traveling. If you're planning to get married at a special destination there is nothing I want more than to be there with you. Reach out to see if your destination is on my bucket list and I will waive ALL travel fees!


Frequently Asked Questions

Elopements are about embracing the spirit of adventure and intimacy as you embark on a journey to celebrate your love in a unique way. It's a departure from the traditional, larger-scale wedding, allowing you to focus solely on each other and the breathtaking surroundings that inspire you. As your elopement photographer, I'm here to capture the unfiltered emotions, candid moments, and authentic connections that unfold during your private celebration. From the remote mountain peaks to the serene coastal shores, every elopement location becomes a canvas for your love story. Whether you're exchanging vows in secret or sharing your commitment with a select few, I'm dedicated to preserving the magic of your elopement through timeless photographs that tell the tale of your love's most intimate chapter. I have visited the most beautiful Colorado locations to find the perfect backdrops for your special, unique elopement day. With every elopement package that is booked I help with timeline assistance, vendor recommendations, I will even drive so you and yours can really enjoy every last second of such a special day!


2024 Wedding collections start at $3,250


Full pricing is available upon inquiry. I'd love to chat further to make sure I'm the best fit for your special days! Please inquire below for a detailed pricing guide as well as pricing for any other kind of session not listed above.

Engagement & Couple collections start at $475

Elopement collections start at $2,000

2025 Wedding collections start at $5,000